Friday, April 8, 2011


I have been ridiculously late in posting anything here, argh, so sorry if anyone out there has been checking up on me! I'm guessing I've lost anyone who was out there, lol....
Enough of my wining, I've been up to a LOT. Still unemployed but busier than ever.
I'm right on schedule with my running plan. Up to about 10 - 12 miles per week, but I've added one other outrageous goal to the mix.
I'm also training to climb Mt Rainier, woo hoo!
Which brings me to my long run this Saturday, darn. Unfortunately I am going to skip my long run (only 5 miles at this point) due to the fact that I'm doing a local hike called Mailbox peak on Sunday.
I've never done this, but I've heard it's a butt kicker, a gain of about 4,000' in around 2.5 miles! OUCH!
I've joined a meetup group where there are others with the same goal in mind. So Mailbox is a training hike I'm doing with about 6 other members.

So....this is going to turn into my running/Rainier training journey blog. In the name of safety, the Rainier training is going to take precedent to marathon training, simply because; if I have issues during the marathon I can simply step aside and call someone to pick me up, if I have issues due to lack of mountaineering conditioning on Rainier that can turn into a serious situation for me and my fellow climbers.....

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